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What You Need To Know

  • Weighs 8.9 oz.. (252 g.) for a US M9 / 7.9 ounces. (224 g.) for a US W8
  • PWRRUN PB is right at domestic in a solid package deal
  • The Vizi Gold upper is like a lighthouse in a storm
  • Grip it, and if you’re Aldren, rip it (twice)
  • Available June 28 for $one hundred sixty

ALDREN: I can’t tell you how an awful lot I envy neutral runners, given the array of first rate foam day by day running shoes they are able to pick from — New Balance FuelCell TC, Nike ZoomX Invincible, Puma Deviate NITRO, I can preserve going. Then there’s me, over here in the nook, doing my velocity work and long tempos in the FuelCell Prism. I’m no longer knocking the Prism, however the durometer of FuelCell is in the direction of the Propel than whatever else.

Now falling from the clouds is the Saucony Tempus. This is Saucony’s first crack at current stability, with a cradle of stiffer PWRRUN wrapped round a layer of PWRRUN PB for a few extra pop. The twin-layered midsole combines a 36.5mm stack inside the heel with 28.5mm in the forefoot for an 8mm drop.

MERCER: We’re returned inside the octagon another time to address a Saucony stability shoe. However, this ain’t your grandpa’s Guide. Instead, the Tempus is a new era of stability shoe to go together with the Nike React Infinity and the ASICS Kayano Lite. It’s got lots of PWRRUN PB to hold you bouncing and popping all day lengthy, nearly like the steadiness category is subsequently getting the equal love as an regular impartial shoe.

LINDSAY: Alright, here we cross. A non-Endorphin shoe from Saucony… or is it? It isn’t an Endorphin, in line with se, but it’s truely from the equal family tree. Saucony is in the end rewriting its stability algorithm after years of the Guide. PWRRUN PB foam paired with the PWRRUN (like within the Kinvara) gives serious “exceptional of both worlds” vibes.

It’s equal parts bouncy, amusing, high-strength foam with the density and stability of a stiffer foam frame. Bouncy foam in a stability shoe, you say? Yes. This also makes the Saucony Tempus a chunk lighter than your average stability shoe. I can’t say I noticed an excessive amount of of a distinction on foot, but that’s neither right here nor there. Let’s get to the good things.

ALDREN: If there’s one thing Saucony does better than maximum, it’s an higher. A easy mesh that molds from the midfoot returned and a toe container wide sufficient for my feet to spread is all I can ask for. This is a pure authentic-to-length fit. There’s no material bunching at toe-off and sufficient lockdown at the instep for a secure hold. The Tempus top is so simple, however I’d argue it’s lighter and extra breathable than some race shoes on the market.

The star of the display is the entirety underneath the foot. First, thanks, Saucony, for attempting to make balance footwear interesting. The whole concept of the midsole has every shoe geek (myself included) in awe. We’ve stated that it’s a dual-layered component with a PWRRUN cradle and PWRRUN PB landing pad. This maintains the Tempus snappy at toe-off and strong while those longer tempos start weighing heavily on your form. The forefoot flairs to offer tons greater actual estate for a assured land.

I took the Tempus from half marathon tempo to 5k tempo at the song, and I in no way felt adore it become both too bulky or too heavy. The PWRRUN PB middle snaps in stride with out a 2d notion. I may need to do a little tinkering with this shoe earlier than I take it for higher mileage (you’ll see why in a minute).

Before we breeze into The Bad, I need to polish a light on this colorway. I love this sunflower yellow or Vizi Gold, as Saucony calls it. It fits nothing I very own and stands out on all the unpaved roads in Orlando. The colorway screams yield at the same time as my ft handiest search for inexperienced lighting after I lace up. The orange and black accents tie the shoe collectively for a component of splendor. Kudos on the looks, Saucony.

MERCER: Fun. That’s the entirety I get with this shoe, from the sunflower yellow higher to the Tetris midsole and down to the grippy outsole. It’s all we want in lifestyles — summer season GRIT is coming up, and this element is gonna carry you domestic on your aim mileage via letting you crank one run after the following.

Saucony is on some other degree this year, with the new Ride and Guide providing a number of the nice response I’ve visible on a day by day instructor, and the Tempus is proper there with ’em. I’d argue it was a tad tight for my liking, however I additionally have funky toes. The large slits within the toe field kept the shoe breathable, and the Saucony emblem and adaptive lacing offered some a great deal-wanted shape.

My elevator pitch for this midsole is, “If the Nike Invincible turned into truly a stability shoe.” You’ll find your self squishing the PWRRUN PB and questioning it’s too smooth and plush, but that PWRRUN swaddles it like a infant to maintain you rolling ahead. The spillage of froth gives some inherent balance and lets Saucony jam extra of that PWRRUN PB underfoot.

We’re all getting some essential Endorphin vibes from the outsole, and I don’t have any court cases approximately it. You’ll be able to rock the Tempus in a tempest with out slipping or sliding.

LINDSAY: The first element I observed once I put on the Saucony Tempus become that it felt like my foot changed into getting a massive, huge endure hug. Plastic overlays on the midfoot amplify vertically from the base to the laces, maintaining me nicely linked to the midsole. They roll me into my next favored function — arch aid. The medial aspect of the shoe has a big chunk of PWRRUN, which offers it extra stability and continues my foot aligned. The wide platform and right rubber sole insurance set the degree for a strong grip on the road, even when I took these out after a downpour.

Finally, I’m still no longer convinced there isn’t a mini fan inside the toe container because, man, does that ventilation offer a pleasing breeze among the ft.

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ALDREN: Strap in, y’all, because this ruined the shoe for me. As I climb onto my cleaning soap container, I want to clean matters up and say that I paintings in a run forte save. This way I see a handful of faulty footwear weekly, so I apprehend when some thing is going wrong inside the production department. I typically wave it off whilst it occurs once, but twice? We have an issue.

When I acquired my first pair of the Tempus, the toe liner on the interior of my proper shoe commenced peeling off and prompted a blister on the tips of my little piggies after simply 10 miles. We contacted Saucony, got every other pair despatched out, ran 14 greater miles inside the clean pair, and it came about once more. I wish I’m the only one that has to deal with this. We saw a complete consider at the Saucony Endorphin Trail, and I worry this could have the equal tale. This is a super shoe with a idea I had been dreaming of, so I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a ordinary trouble.

Other than that, slower paces inside the Tempus aren’t as a laugh. My toes had been yearning some thing softer just like the React Infinity three or Diadora Mythos Blushield Vigore. Keep this shoe for some quicker paces.

My final criticism is this excuse for a pull tab. I have dainty hands that in shape into holes that maximum others can’t (keep your mind out of the gutter). If you’re going to place a pull tab on a shoe just for aesthetics, then so be it, but give me something I can as a minimum attach a carabiner to.

MERCER: I’m no longer positive what Lindsay is on, however holy crap did I not have room in this shoe. I suppose I educated my foot to feel squished even as thinking about it due to the fact my ft hurt at the same time as I’m scripting this evaluation. Thanks, Pavlov’s footwear.

Even with the shoe feeling loopy narrow on my foot, my heel nonetheless controlled to slip out every couple of steps. Given how many lace holes there are, I didn’t have enough lace left over to place the runner’s loop through.

LINDSAY: While the good outweighs the horrific right here, I’d be mendacity if I said a few functions didn’t stick out like a sore thumb each time I wore the Saucony Tempus. First, it took a piece of Rubik’s cube method to get the laces adjusted just right. Once I mastered that, I observed the toe field is just ginormous, and the heel area isn’t a long way in the back of. I needed to double-test if I become sporting a extensive shoe, but nope. So, I wager this would report beneath The Good if you put on huge-in shape footwear due to the fact the Tempus will in all likelihood suit you just exceptional.

Finally, while the toe field nearly has central AC, the relaxation of my foot turned into extra on the reasonably-priced window unit repute (roasty toasty).

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Saucony Tempus Conclusion

ALDREN: What we have right here is a perfect scoop of ice cream this summer. However, there’s a roach perched on the pinnacle of my cone, and it’s ruining the candy treat. I wanted to love the Tempus, and I did on the primary few miles, but as soon as a small, but crucial part of the shoe is ruined, I’ve already lost my appetite.