Braithwaite: no to the freedom letter

Martin Braithwaite is one of the most reluctant players to leave the Barça squad despite the fact that he does not count for Xavi Hernández. The Danish striker has between his eyebrows that playing at the Camp Nou is the great opportunity of his sporting life and he cares little about the money he may lose .

He will not give his arm to twist easily and, therefore, his environment is not too active in the search for options to leave in summer . Barça has indeed moved and there are clubs in Spain that would opt for his transfer and abroad there would still be a transfer fee. The Blaugrana club is asking for about 8 million euros for him and they have already made it clear to those around him that they will not give him the letter of freedom or terminate him .

Braithwaite is not in a hurry, but it seems that there would be some level team that would keep him free. That option is absolutely ruled out and they are working with two teams in the Premier that could solve the situation . The Danish salary is one of the lowest in the squad and many teams could assume it, so the dream of transferring him is not so far away . This yes, the footballer would have to open the door, something that costs.

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