James Cameron Might Not Direct ‘Avatar’ 4 & 5: ‘I Have Other Things In Development That Are Also Exciting’

‘Avatar: The sense of water’ is getting closer. There is nothing left for us to put on our 3D glasses again and enjoy what promises to be one of the great cinematographic events of the year —together, probably, ‘Top Gun: Maverick’—; but the enthusiasm dissipates slightly after learning that James Cameron could have the hours counted in the franchise … of his own free will, yes.

According to what the filmmaker told the Empire media, after having shot ‘Avatar 2’ and ‘Avatar 3’, he plans to park his work as a director in the Na’Vi saga to dedicate himself to other tasks. And it is that their three-dimensional environmental action orgies are too absorbing in terms of time and effort.

However, Cameron’s words do not fail to convey passion for the large-scale project of telling a single great story through five films.

What does the future hold? Only the mysteries of the international box office know it and the will of a James Cameron who could give up the baton – or not – if things go well with the next two installments. At the moment we have an appointment with ‘Avatar: The sense of water’ on December 16, 2022, and the desire is not few, precisely…

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