Who is Ana de Armas, the Cuban actress who will play Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe’s star faded at age 36. On August 4, 1962, she was found dead at her home in Los Angeles. According to the autopsy, she died from an overdose of sedatives. What she was always in doubt about were the circumstances, with abundant versions – from the time she was induced to the fact that it was a suicide – never confirmed. There was never an official report of what happened that night, August 4, 1962. 60 years later Netflix is ​​preparing to release Blonde, a film about Marilyn that will be released on September 27. And although there are several months to go, the captivating trailer -already available- generated great expectation.

Who will put herself in the shoes of the unforgettable Marilyn will be the actress Ana de Armas. For many, she is an unknown. However, she has an interesting journey within the industry. It happens that she has always escaped the canons imposed by Hollywood, a world that she is not interested in entering, although she has everything to become a celebrity. Critics maintain that she is already undisputed even though she prefers to walk in the shadows, away from the spotlight, so as not to be discovered.

Ana was born 34 years ago in Havana, Cuba. She is the daughter of Ana Caso and Ramón de Armas, she said that many times she experienced certain shortcomings, although she considers that she had a happy childhood. The unconditional love of theirs was never lacking. Her parents held different public positions, with low salaries, which allowed the family to cover basic needs and not much else.

Her great entertainment was a DVD player that, in a way, was key to her choice of future. On weekends she watched cartoons and children’s movies. She was not allowed this during the weekdays, so little Ana went to a neighbor’s house to watch movie hits on that player that helped her dream of Hollywood and open her horizon. She once said that she learned the scenes and then repeated them in front of a mirror. That was her first school.

That’s how she auditioned at the age of 12 to join Cuba’s National School of Art. While studying, she made three films: A Rose from France, The Lost Eden and Madrigal. But she knew that she needed to get off the island so she could grow up on the big screen. When she finished her studies she decided not to do the thesis; pure strategy, since the Cuban regime does not allow newly graduated professionals to leave the country for a period of three years. De Armas dreamed of a career abroad and she knew that graduating from it would cut her wings.

At 18, thanks to the Spanish citizenship that she inherited from her grandparents, she was able to travel to Madrid. A month later, she got a job in the series El internado, which was on the screen from 2007 to 2010. Thanks to this step, she gained great prominence in Spain and part of Europe. Her dazzling performance made everyone notice her.

“It was a big change for me. Almost overnight to become so famous, to be recognized on the street and to have everyone stop me… it was surreal,” she told Flaunt magazine. After that step, she was called to Mentiras y Gordas, also obtaining a great success. However, Ana – then 21 years old – complained about the roles she was offered: they always proposed to play a sexy teenager. And she didn’t want to be pigeonholed. So she took a sabbatical from acting and moved to New York to study English. A few months later she returned to Europe and went to resume her career as an actress, already carrying out a variety of roles that opened other doors for her: those of Hollywood, the most desired of hers.

She took that step in 2014 to start once again from scratch. And facing various drawbacks. Her first stumbling block was her unfluent English. That is why in the first casting she repeated texts that she studied by heart, without knowing the meaning of what she was pronouncing. That led her to resume her studies, to take an intensive course, for fear of playing only Latino characters.

Her first role was in Knock Knock, in which she worked with Keanu Reeves. She since then she did not stop, but she always eluded him to fame. She knows that it is part of her job, of her constant success, but she does not usually give many marks if it is not for the official presentations of the films. She doesn’t attend parties linked to Hollywood entertainment either.

In recent years, her romance with actor Ben Affleck has gained great resonance. They met in 2019 and separated in 2021. Although it did not come out, it was known that it was on good terms. In some way, it would have been an agreement between them: Ana would have raised her desire to be her mother at some point, but Affleck no longer wanted to be a father (he has three children). Faced with this incompatibility, they preferred that neither of them waste their time in that relationship. Shortly after, the former Batman made his relationship with Jennifer Lopez official.

Ana de Armas’ professional career continued in ascentenso, and in 2021 she became the new Bond girl when she was called up for No time to die, the 25th installment of the saga about agent 007. Today she is one of the great figures of the cinema mecca, she speaks English so fluent, she handles all the branches of interpretation and managed not to be pigeonholed. And now, she will be none other than Marilyn Monroe. From now on, with much to explore, Ana has everything to gain.

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