Thirteen Korean Medical Dramas You Could Watch On Netflix Or Viu

If you’ve got continually been keen on Grey’s Anatomy or another scientific-related indicates, dive into the world of Medical K-Dramas wherein every episode is full of suspense, movement, and scientific terms. Here are thirteen Korean Medical Dramas you need to take a look at out:Must Watch Korean Medical DramasA Poem A Day


This medical Korean drama follows a group of physical therapists, nurses, radiological technologists, and trainees as they pass about their everyday existence.

There aren’t any hidden siblings, start secrets, and wonder murderers in this drama, simply episodes so as to make you think and replicate. Just like the drama title, there’ll one-of-a-kind poems scattered at some stage in the show.

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In this motion-packed Korean drama, Go Kyung-pyo takes on the position of Kang In-Kyu, a proficient young guy who learns remedy to turn out to be a health practitioner. His motivation to grow to be a surgeon – to avenge his father who turned into murdered 15 years ago.

Watch on Viu right here: Romantic


One of our favourite Korean clinical dramas is Doctor Romantic. The collection became a hit among Koreans, which brought about a second season of the display. The display makes a speciality of Dr. Kim Sa-bu, who fights in opposition to power and money to defend the welfare of his patients.

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Watch on Viu right here: John


Doctor John is a scientific-themed Korean drama approximately an conceited but genius medical doctor, Cha Yo-Han, and a warm and worrying health practitioner, Kang Shi-Young. They work collectively to treat sufferers with mysterious and continual pain at the hospital.

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This romantic K-drama suggests the life of Hye-Jung (performed by using Park Shin-hye), who defies all odds throughout her teenage years to become a neurosurgeon after being inspired by her trainer.

Fast forward 13 years, she reveals herself running inside the identical hospital with the instructor.

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Park Hoon (performed via Lee Jong-suk) follows his father’s footsteps to emerge as a reputable cardiothoracic health practitioner in North Korea.

He manages to break out over to South Korea and finally ends up in a top health facility where he comes across someone that appears same to his lover in North Korea.

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Watch on Viu right here: Couple


Starring Running Man’s Song Ji-hyo, the drama follows a divorced couple who unearths themselves interning at the equal emergency room together. The drama first of all had a complete of 20 episodes, however it become so famous that they prolonged it for 1 greater episode.

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The primary lead within the drama, performed with the aid of Joo Won, is an autistic, savant resident of the pediatric surgery branch. Due to his circumstance and 10-yr-antique childlikeness, people around him tend to locate him unreliable as a physician.

There is also an American remake of the drama called The Good Doctor.

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Hospital Playlist is one of the most up to date clinical Korean dramas in 2020. The show follows the lives of five high-quality buddies who studied together since 1999 and ended up working within the equal health facility.

Expect funny and heartwarming scenes during the drama. A first-rate display to observe at the end of a demanding day!

Good news for Hospital Playlist lovers, Season 2 will best on June 17, 2021!

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A deliver full of younger doctors that travel to rural villages to provide scientific care for the locals. However, the 3 fundamental characters all have opposing personalities and should learn to work with one another.

Watch on Viu here: Up To Your Name


This exciting time-visiting drama is one you need to now not pass over! In this drama, an oriental health practitioner, Heo Im, stated as one of the pleasant acupuncturists inside the Joseon dynasty, unearths himself in present-day Seoul and meets Choi Yeon-Kyung, a physician that best believes in contemporary medicinal drug.

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It’s all about enterprise and politics in this drama. Do you select among your personal ethics or vast earnings?

You get two Korean powerhouse actors on this drama, with Cho Seung Woo and Lee Dong Wook going head-to-head with each other.

Watch on Netflix right here: Pal


Kim Tae-Hyun is an exceptional medical professional constantly careworn by debt creditors because of his younger sister’s high-priced kidney dialysis. Willing to do all matters to make more money, he tends to sufferers privately for a excessive fee even though it means managing risky criminals.

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Some of those clinical K-dramas painting masses of relatable scenes and make you watched quite a piece approximately lifestyles. You may locate your self smiling to your self or maybe dropping a tear or .

Time to seize some snacks, comfortable into mattress, and feature a medical Korean drama marathon!

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