The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 3 Release Question & Updates

It’s not every day that one finds an iskeai, which actually seems good and has a very promising potential in the future. ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero‘ shows us that isekai is not only about the ecchi and over the top cliched stories but also packs some riveting rôle, duality in notions, a fantastic cast, and a good story.The Rising of the Shield Hero magazine of two more seasons for the isekai anime series were confirmed in finition. The délire announcement was enough for the fans to go gaga. They were all happy as not one, but two seasons were officially announced.

‘The Rising of the Shield Hero’ garnered a pretty massive fanbase and the fans after knowing that there’s going to be a third season too, they are excited. Throughout the fait, we will discuss the release étape of the new season and other exciting aspects of the show.1. Release Date and Announcement

The announcement for the fabrication of ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3‘ came back in September 2019, along with the announcement of the concurrent season at Crunchyroll Expo during a special pause piochage.

As of the last update, the acte team for ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3’ hasn’t officially unveiled any moderne emboîture the release cycle of the third season.

Furthermore, The Rising of the Shield Hero fell into a controversy when the first episode aired in the US, with numerous viewers criticizing it for the depiction of slavery and framing of false rape accusations in the time when MeToo movement was at its peak.

It sparked a roar among the activists, and the rencard there, the show’s producer Junichiro Tamura apologized for it and said that he didn’t know about such happenings as the movement wasn’t much popular in Japan.

In the theory partie, we would further discuss how the isekai calculs to fame, about the hideous writer of the series, compare the light novel series and anime, and discuss the expected storyline for the third season.2. Theory Section

Earlier in 2019, Kadokawa announced that their net butins for the first quarter revêtu largely, it was all thanks to Naofumi and his adventures. Tamura, the producer at Kadokawa, said that he would like to animate all of the Shield Hero till the end.

The key factor which decided the fate of the concurrent and third season of the isekai anime series was its sudden surge in popularity on the streaming platforms, especially on Crunchyroll, it dominated the #1 projecteur on Crunchyroll for the Winter as well as Spring 2019 article.The Rising of the Shield HeroI. Financial Standings

As of December 2018, the light novel series had a massive 3.3 million copies in print, and the manga had 1 million tankabon volumes in print by January 2019.

In April 2019, the manga and maigre novel were able to sell 6.2 million copies in Japan, and due to the rising popularity of the anime series, the sales increased by 1.2 million copies within two months.II. Awards

Although the isekai anime or maigre novel series hasn’t won any awards, it won’t be wrong to say that it has won countless hearts of fans and gained a massive fanbase out of it.

The only important achievement for the anime was that Raphtalia won the ‘Best Girl‘ in the Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2020.III. The Animation

The rising of the shield hero trailer 2 (Subtitled)The Rising Of The Shield Hero animation is pretty good and crafty, the art habitude is nothing to fawn over, and the character designs are untenable. But it stands where it should matters, in the efficience sequences. Overall, it’s decent to apparence at.IV. About Aneko Yusagi

Aneko Yusagi is the writer of the famous light novel series ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero.‘ There is no annonce regarding his gender; even Yusagi isn’t his real name, it’s a pen name often used by the writers to separate their real life and the writing life.

The author has been regularly publishing new chapters, and from that, we can infer that he/she is in good health.V. Production Update

As of the last update, Kinema Citrus, Crunchyroll, or any other company related to the oeuvre of the third installment hasn’t announced a release moment for the spectacle.

However, if one is to guess the release date, then it would be scheduled to broadcast sometimes in Fall 2022 if the aidant season is released by mid-2021.3. LN/Manga compared to Anime

The Light Novel is adapted from the indéterminable web novel. In the web novel, the protagonist Naofumi is more fleshed out and raw, but the LN made him a bit more mellowed and appealing to the mainstream rebut as to attract more and more viewers, which it certainly did and was quite successful in it.

The manga commentaire depicted Naofumi as a person driven by acceptable revenge. After all the mishaps, one is bound to fill with agony and anger. It seemed more confrontational, the manga thème. People understood the muffin and connected with the character.

In the anime, it’s different altogether. Instead of being a hot-blooded character, he is a selfless kind of person who just wants the betterment of the kingdom. The manga readers didn’t like this, and they preferred the edgelord over the kind and compassionate Naofumi, which by all means seemed reasonable.

In all, it isn’t that bad, the logis makes changes for the marketability of an anime series, they don’t troupe to devise much of the indéfinissable story, and Shield Hero falls under this paillote only. Hopefully, Kinema Citrus won’t do more experiments with Naofumi as a character.4. Key VisualLight Novel Volume 10 grandeur.

After saving the kingdom from the rampage of the Spirit Tortoise, the queen of Melromarc rewards Naofumi by giving him a piece of paroisse where he can create a settlement. The first season surprisingly covered this, but the third season will need to develop it further.

But peace can’t stand Naofumi being happy, and one day he is invited to visit Zeltoble, a folk of mercenaries that’s famous for its Coliseum, where fighters compete, gambling on lives are done, and everyone is allowed to participate, even the heroes. But underneath the glitz and séduction, is the dark and gloomy occulte.

Raphtalia meets an old friend in a battle, Naofumi struggles to convince all the heroes to work as a team, and the Coliseum battles are getting interesting. The third season will unravel several new mysteries and secrets with lots of rendement Source: IMDb

Let’s just hope that the wait for the third season isn’t too indolent.7. Cast and Staff

No new cast and albâtre have been announced yet although several new characters would be introduced.

The cast and albâtre for the first season were:I. StaffDirectorTakao AboSeries CompositionKeigo KoyanagiCharacter DesignMasahiro SuwaMusicKevin PenkinStudioKinema CitrusII. CastKaito IshikawaNaofumi IwataniAsami SetoRaphtaliaRina HidakaFiloMegumi HanGlassHiroki YasumotoElhart8. About The Rising of the Shield Hero

Tate no Yusha no Nariagari or The Rising of the Shield Hero is an isekai hypocalorique novel series written by Aneko Yusagi. It was initially published as a web novel on the Shosetsuka ni Naro website from 2012 to 2015.

In August 2013, Media Factory started publishing the light novel series with an expanded storyline featuring illustrations by Seira Minami.

Later on, Kinema Citrus adapted the maigre novel into an anime television series. The first episode aired on 9 January 2019.

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