The Best Headlamps For Runners

Whether you’re a predawn runner or are lacking out on daylight in the course of post-work classes, jogging outside can be a logistical mission. But while prepared with a quality headlamp (and reflective apparel, of path), logging miles inside the dark may be a blast. See short info underneath on some of the satisfactory lights from our trying out, then scroll deeper for longer evaluations of those and other pinnacle-acting fashions, plus shopping for advice.

Best Headlamps For RunnersHow Bright?

Running on an open street below a full moon is a totally one-of-a-kind revel in than going for walks singletrack trails beneath heavy tree cowl—and both require special lighting. In widespread, look for a headlamp that’s capable of cranking out at least 200 lumens on its high setting. Lumens is a degree of the light’s intensity—brightness. Lamps with higher lumens—300 and up—are higher for trails and starless nights. If you want a unmarried light that is able to more than one conditions, look for one with more than simply low, medium, and excessive settings. Some lamps can routinely adapt to the ambient light around you—accessible if, say, you peek at your watch and don’t want to be blinded with the aid of the reflection (the light dims a chunk). Others allow you more manual adjustability.Burn Time

Longer battery existence commonly comes at a cost: weight. Naturally, batteries with more potential need to be larger. For some sports, that’s no hassle, however for going for walks, greater weight and bulk can lead to annoying leap. Some fashions cram the batteries into the lamp in your brow, at the same time as others with exceptionally lengthy burn times will separate the two additives and region the strength percent on the strap at the back of your head. If you need a finances mild for laps around your community, the former will suffice. But if you’re gearing up for an ultramarathon in an effort to have you ever up all night, cross for the bigger battery.Rechargeable vs. Single-Use Battery

Who among us doesn’t have a drawer complete of micro USB charging cables? Well, there’s a great chance your next headlamp will include one as nicely. But the disadvantage to rechargeables is that you can locate the battery lifeless whilst you’re headed out the door, when you don’t have an hour or to spare awaiting it to electricity up. If that sounds like you, opt for a mild that runs off AA or AAA batteries, and inventory up. Some headlamps (see the Silva Trail Runner Free H and Black Diamond Sprinter 500 beneath) work with either AAA batteries or a rechargeable battery percent.Types of Lights

You’ll keep cash by means of getting a mild with a single lamp that places out a consistent beam. But greater advanced alternatives include both a highlight and a flood, permitting you to apply every one by one or integrate the 2 for optimum brightness. You’ll find the spotlight is tremendous for casting the mild farther down the road or brightly illuminating the path at once in the front of you. A floodlight, on the other hand, diffuses the beam, spraying light to the edges as well to assist with peripheral vision.

How We Tested

Every headlamp on this listing has been evaluated and used by our crew of take a look at editors. We research the market, survey consumer opinions, speak with product managers and designers, and rely upon our very own revel in on roads and trails lengthy after the solar has set (or before it comes up). In addition to comparing those headlamps for his or her adjustability and beam sorts, we examined the lighting fixtures’ brightness over time to determine how lengthy each shines at complete energy. To achieve this, we became each lamp on at its maximum setting and pointed it at a virtual luxmeter at the floor more or less two strides away—approximately as a ways as you’d look in advance on technical trails. We measured the intensity at 15-minute periods to see how speedy the mild faded. Most models progressively dimmed over time, even though a few fell off fast—Black Diamond and BioLite say it’s an enterprise trendy to drop depth as your eyes regulate to the darkness which will increase run time. For such lamps, the max lumens and battery life are a bit deceptive, since you’ll in no way be capable of keep the lamp at a hundred percent for extra than a couple of minutes Weight: 51 Battery: Rechargeable (2 hours on excessive, 20 hours on low)


  • Lighter weight than most headlamps
  • Adjust brightness with a swipe

We love this sleek, compact headlamp for going for walks because of its overall performance and functions, blended with its snug suit. The slim scarf doesn’t look all that sturdy however does a extraordinary activity of preserving the small mild from bouncing, and the easy adjustability makes it dead simple to trade brightness. Instead of clicking a small button to dim or brighten the lamp, absolutely swipe up or down beyond sensors at the side of the housing to alternate intensity—it even works with gloves and sweaty fingers. A be aware about the “two hours on high” battery declare: Our checking out observed the Sprint 225 dims extensively throughout the first five minutes on excessive energy—a far faster drop-off than maximum lamps in this web page—after which settles right into a medium intensity that Black Diamond says is supposed as a “strength-saving feature.” We located that medium intensity is masses shiny for both trail and avenue walking, and it remained consistent for the next 3 hours. But just understand you gained’t get a full 225 lumens for greater than a couple of minutes at a time.


Lumens: 500 seventy nine grams three AAA (2.five hours on excessive, one hundred hours on low)

Iko Core

  • Converts to be used as a lantern or camp mild
  • Bungee strap quick adjusts match
  • Low brightness for its charge

This is the most radical design for a headlamp we’ve visible but. It eschews the standard stretchy straps for a plastic halo that wraps your head—a bungee strap pulls it tight from the again side. The complete unit is light-weight and well balanced. A tiny the front mild with seven white LEDs is skinny and lightweight. You can activate just 3, all seven, or hit seven on max brightness. Even then, it’s now not the brightest light round—rated at 500 lumens, it doesn’t forged a beam very a ways, but those traits make it top for navigating technical trails inside the dark. It’s powered through a small rechargeable battery set up on the back of your head that may be swapped out for 3 AAA batteries in a pinch, boosting its versatility. “This is the headlamp I reach for most customarily for my sunrise patrol runs on streets with negative lighting fixtures,” Runner-in-Chief Jeff Dengate says. “It’s no longer so vibrant, but shall we me see busted up sidewalk and holes along the canal route.” —360° VISIBILITY—Knog Quokka Run 100

Lumens: 100 48 Battery: Rechargeable (2.five hours on high, 25 hours on low)

Quokka Run

  • Affordable
  • Blinking pink lighting fixtures for protection

This simple little model pulls a neat trick. When it’s illuminated, two crimson LEDs shine during the clean silicone headscarf, basically making it a halo so that you’re seen from all instructions. You can select to turn those crimson lighting on or off, or to lead them to blink. And, amazingly, there is a wide kind of different beam configurations from any such finances-friendly headlamp: You can choose excessive, medium, low, or flash from the spotlight, floodlight, or a combo of the 2. We favored that it additionally stays on at complete depth till it dies, instead of robotically dipping in brightness after a few minutes like different models here. Then once more, it’s a 100-lumen lamp, so don’t anticipate it to perform like a car’s excessive beams.—BUDGET FRIENDLY—Energizer Vision Ultra HD

Lumens: 400 140 grams four hours on excessive, 15 hours on low)

$24.forty four

  • Excellent value
  • Variety of light modes and shades

A particularly versatile headlamp at a dust cheap fee, Energizer’s Vision Ultra HDshocked us with how a great deal mild it puts out—a claimed four hundred lumens. The spot light changed into brilliant sufficient to illuminate the street a good distance in front of us, and switching it to flood mode solid a wide spread toward our ft when we wanted to look in which we had been sincerely stepping. Plus, it has each crimson and green night imaginative and prescient LEDs. “I’ve been the use of the purple to study in bed at night time, to be honest,” Dengate said. Of course, a finances lamp now and again has exchange-offs. The charging cable for our sample had been crimped within the packaging or damaged before being sealed up, because the insulation across the wires became damaged. We were capable of restore it ourselves rather speedy, and we haven’t had any problems considering the fact that. Still, we’ll be keeping an eye on the ongoing durability of both headlamp and charging cord. —ULTRARUNNER’S PICK—Black Diamond Icon

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