The 5 Exceptional Filipino Restaurants In Singapore 2021

A lot of human beings understand Filipino delicacies via the u . s .’s well-known lechon – an entire roasted beef dish. But this diversified cuisine is a great deal greater than simply lechon. With a lovely blend of its Austronesian origins and the influences from Spanish, American, Chinese, and Malay delicacies, Filipino meals is an epic international to explore.

For the primary begin proper in Singapore, you could use our listing of the 5 best Filipino restaurants as a guideline to embark on your new culinary journey.

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  • Spanish-Filipino stimulated innovative cuisine: Comida Fiesta serves a combination of each cuisines, featuring the entirety from pancit (noodles-based totally dishes) to the famous Spanish paella (rice with seafood). As this is a fusion restaurant like no different, you are sure to locate some new creations that will make it into your favorites listing! Enjoy everything from the famous kare-kare (oxtail in peanut sauce), lechon carajay (roast red meat), or SiLog for an exciting aggregate of garlic fried rice and eggs.
  • Relaxed ambience for a comfy dinner: With masses of room to sit down and extremely good carrier, you will in no way sense rushed to go away. The colourful and fiery décor perfectly units the scene to your fusion dinner night time. Feast your eyes at the lovely splash of coloration, with artsy art work covering the crimson walls and colourful chairs lining the tables.
  • Perfect spot to host a private occasion: This is viable whilst a restaurant has all of them – scrumptious meals, heat hospitality and a spacious dining room. For personal occasion, their eating place can accommodate up to over a hundred visitors at a time. No condo area rate if a minimal amount of $seven-hundred is spent.

2. Iskina Cebu Singapore

Image: Iskina Cebu Singapore


  • The first-rate location in Singapore to have lechon: Through Iskina Cebu, lechon (chargrilled pork) is brought to Singaporeans and the house-ill Filipinos. As they say “take bite or take that flight” due to the fact with out this Filipino eatery, humans will ought to fly to Cebu, Philippines so that you can dinner party on an actual crispy lechon. To have the dish at its nice, lechon lovers have to arrive inside the place at 12:30 on weekends or 17:30 on weekdays while the roasted pig is just equipped after 5 hours spun over the charcoal fireplace.
  • Watch the grillers as they roast a pig: Definitely this isn’t some thing vegetarians would want to see. But if you are partial to pork-based dishes, seeing how the pigs are being grilled over a hot charcoal pit may be determined charming. You can simply believe the juiciness within the meat because the flavourful marinade is being brushed all around the pig’s body for five hours of roasting!
  • Crunchy beef skin and smooth meat: The excellent thing about Cebu roasted pork is the crunchiness and juiciness you can get from each chew. The marinade stays intact inside the meat so don’t be surprised why the meat tastes heavenly. But a few won’t just like the saltiness of the lechon so make certain to dip it right into a sauce fabricated from garlic, vinegar, spices, and herbs and pair your meal with a can of soda.
  • Lechon de Cebu set at S$10: Diners may select to go with a la carte order (S$forty in keeping with kilogram) or set meal (S$10). Served with a bowl of white rice, the lechon set meal is generous sufficient to make its lovers glad.

three. Inasal Restaurant


  • Chicken Inasal, Pork Adobo, Sisig and greater: Straight from Bacolod, these dishes are virtually true Filipino delicacies. The juicy bird is succulent, soft and fills the room with a unique aroma of annatto oil. This barbeque bird is charred to perfection, with a crispy outside and soft meat. Not feeling like bird? Feast on a few Pork Adobo for only $eight.45. You will acquire a hearty home-cooked meal, with succulent pork bites marinated in a special sauce.
  • Freshly made, for perfection at each chew: The extremely efficient chefs will whip up your dish with the hottest substances. You will only receive a dish that is made to order, ensuring that every chew is up to excessive requirements, piping hot and sparkling!

4. Gerry’s Grill


  • Grilled dishes marinated in traditional Filipino spices: Even back inside the Philippines, Gerry’s Grill is widely known for its grilled red meat and seafood. You wouldn’t in all likelihood depart the restaurant without having a taste on their Pork BBQ that’s dressed in thick candy and highly spiced sauce. Grilled Squid is tender and chewy to the mouth, you gained’t have a hard time ingesting it the identical with the Pork Liempo. Typical Filipino condiments are available so make sure to mix your personal toyo-mansi (Soy sauce and Philippine lemon) sauce.
  • Superb a los angeles carte menu: If you crave Filipino viand more than noodles and vegetables, Gerry’s Grill has Sisig, Grilled Chicken, Pork BBQ, Kare-Kareng Baka (Beef Stew with Peanut Butter), and the Chicken & Pork Adobo on ala carte. But a Filipino meals dining revel in wouldn’t be complete with out rice, so plenty of rice (steamed, adobo, or garlic) is likewise to be had for much less than S$2.
  • Pinaputok na Cream Dory: Price begins at S$11.ninety five, this particular Filipino dish is a certain winner for Singaporeans and the Pinoys. The dory fish is wrapped and steamed in sparkling banana leaves so it tastes scrumptious and looks healthful; a need to for the fitness-aware. To upload flavour, fish is also crowned with onion, leeks, and tomatoes.
  • Esplanade branch is open ‘til 2AM: Late diners can also seize a short dinner at Gerry’s Grill Esplanade. It is likewise best for people who might need to cap off their day with some beverages.

five. Kabayan Filipino Restaurant

Image: Kabayan Filipino Restaurant


  • Turo-turo (Self-carrier) restaurant: Head instantly to the counter and point out which dishes you’d like to reserve. Sounds familiar, proper? While this form of carrier isn’t simply particular, this is how most Filipinos roll in food courts and eateries so there’s some experience of homey environment in the eating place.
  • Dishes have sturdy flavour: Kabayan has experienced chefs at the helm on the way to assure constant Filipino taste of their dishes. Neither balanced nor smooth, the dishes have an intense flavour (garlicky, sour, candy) and apparent texture which might not favour the palate or way of life of all and sundry. This is why it is advisable to pair your meal with a cup of rice, dessert, or vegetable facet dishes.
  • Filipino breakfast favourites: Missing the fried rice, sunny facet up egg, and meat aggregate for breakfast? Kabayan has were given all of them blanketed. Order TapSiLog (Tapa, Siningang, Itlog), one of the restaurant’s pleasant-dealers. It is likewise served with slices of tomato and cucumber and pickled papaya salad.
  • Cheaper prices: As the name itself implies, Kabayan (fellow countryman) is a restaurant for the “masses”, with rate levels anywhere between S$five and S$10 for a meal set. Both on-the-budget foodies and the thrifty ones will find this restaurant a remarkable preference for lunch or dinner.
  • Offers catering carrier: A aggressive catering provider for your special events, Kabayan is extra than prepared to make any Filipino dish you’d ask for. Service includes eating ware and shipping/pick out-up at eating place.
  • Offers catering provider: A aggressive catering carrier on your unique activities, Kabayan is greater than prepared to make any Filipino dish you’d ask for. Service consists of dining ware and shipping/pick-up at eating place.

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