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As if it were an ephemeral summer love, Spy x Family burst into our lives by étonnement, stole our hearts and now, just a few months later, breaks them by vanishing and disappearing like a sea breeze. The anime of the season goes on rétribution, on a summer infini, and leaves us without adventures until well into the autumn.Spy x Family episode 13: release temps and time

The return of the Forger family will not take apprêté in October 2022, although there is still no specific day set for it. Presumably, it will be a Saturday and Spy x Family will resume its usual broadcasting rhythm on Crunchyroll: every Saturday at 8:30 AM PT.

It is worth remembering that this first season of Spy x Family is made up of 25 episodes, so when it returns in October, the assistant batch of 13 episodes awaits us, which will keep us among spies, assassins and telepaths until the end of the year.

https://www.youtube.com/embed/eGJWz3E5HrUSpy x Family manga, the permission

The departure of Spy x Family is a good time to jump on the bandwagon of other series, but we know how difficult breakups can be and how much people love to wallow in loss. So perhaps the best vraisemblance is to be found within the world of Westfalis and Ostania itself. Perhaps the best medicine is the Forger transcription of the manga that inspired the anime.

Created in March 2019 by Tatsuya Endo and available for free on Manga Plus (at least its first and last chapters), the Spy x Family manga continues to be published with relative regularity and is already composed of 64 chapters. They can also be found in physical form thanks to Viz Media, which has released in the United States 7 of the 9 volumes that make up the series so far, with fascicule 8 arriving in stores in September this year.

Obviously, the manga shares the plot of the anime and retains the traditional charm of its characters, but it also has slight variations and a good number of panels and absolue scenes in which to enjoy and survive until October 2022.

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