Hangawi – Big Apple, New York

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The temper is set while you stroll in and are requested to get rid of your footwear, taking walks across the timber planks underneath gentle lighting fixtures for your low desk (mercifully with lots of intensity for your legs).  Service turned into, as predicted, very good, properly timed and to be had whilst you needed refills.  Not positive how they managed to unobtrusively take a seat near you while taking meals order, but they managed.

Although advertised as spicy the sesame leaf tofu patties have been pretty tame.  The better appetizer for us changed into the eggplant mari rolls which rather integrated a subtle cinnamon flavored sauce pretty well.

The tofu w/ kimchi and veggies in spicy sauce become again quite tame but enjoyable nonetheless.  The 2d fundamental become tofu stone bowl with rice, again right.  

The Korean Terra beer changed into far greater malty/ less hoppy than maximum craft beers I’ve been ingesting…it was right.  Maybe time to shift beer styles.

While now not less expensive we felt we obtained respectable price thinking about the carrier, ecosystem, and superb food…although we felt the highly spiced dishes truely may want to have the spice stage cranked up.

Very unique area where you take off your shoes at the door and sit in kinda-vintage college asian restaurants. This vicinity is vegan most effective and even the liquids were specific! We ordered the pancake platter which came with three exclusive sorts of pancake patterns in conjunction with some other items.

Service became great and I loved the surroundings.

Love the decor! It’s stunning and actual with conventional low tables for eating and you get to sit on the floor! We have to take off our footwear and leave them at the the front by way of the entrance.

The meals is fantastically provided and the flavors were now not compromised. Our waiter changed into splendid friendly and took his time to give an explanation for everything before ordering.


– Maitake mushroom fritters

– Crispy mushroom in candy and sour sauce

– Spicy toddler dumping

– Fritters Galore

– Combination pancakes

– Zen bibimbap (in warm stone bowl)

– Avocado bibimbap (in hot stone bowl)

– Tofu kimchi hotpot

I got here right here with three different people for a piece assembly. We were given a shared appetizer and character meals. The carrier was first rate- the servers had been on top of factors, which includes quick changing a utensil that fell down.

I determined it in reality cool that they combined the sauce into the dish right in front of you (pictured). My expectation was a chunk more meals for the rate I changed into paying; that stated, common, it become an awesome experience, however now not sufficient to carry me back here for a 2nd time unless I’m with a set of humans and that they insist on it.

Crispy Mushroom In Sweet & Sour Sauce

I haven’t seen that many vegan Korean places, so in reality turned into excited to do this location.

I were given takeout and ordered:

– highly spiced rice cakes (10/10) – I love rice desserts and these failed to disappoint. They were the correct balance of chewy and flavorful – with tons of spice.

– highly spiced child dumplings (5/10) – I concept these were simply good enough. I felt as although the filling did not have a whole lot flavor and have had higher dumplings before.

Overall, this location is pretty highly-priced, but the portion sizes are respectable.

Spicy Baby Dumplings Spicy Rice Cakes

Overrated and the food lacked flavor.  I failed to see any Koreans in there.  Neither the workers nor the clients…that was the primary awful sign.  The meals portions are extraordinarily small and there was no depth of taste.  Can’t see what the hoopla is about.

One of my favourite restaurants in New York! You’ll acquire a totally specific, friendly, and attendant revel in from the moment you want within the door! Vegetarian pleasant but i propose for absolutely everyone with any type of food regimen!

I’ve been meaning to forestall through HanGawi for a long time – and subsequently made it for an impromptu dinner the alternative night time with my boyfriend whilst we had been in K-Town! The restaurant became packed whilst we arrived around 7 PM, however the workforce turned into very gracious and seated us almost right away (we lucked out considering the fact that another birthday party just canceled when we arrived)!

I appreciated the zen ambiance and decor, and it made for a unique dining enjoy (also they’ve their system down for storing your shoes, which you take off upon getting into)!

Maitake Mushroom Fritters – mushroom some thing is a winner in my e-book, but between the innovative presentation and breading that become to die for, this become a fantastic meal-starter. Think deconstructed onion earrings, however higher.

Spicy Baby Dumplings – these may be small, but they have been full of flavor! I did not think they had been particularly spicy, so these need to appeal to those slightly more touchy to spices too.

Spicy Kimchi Mushroom Pancakes – Really loved all of the dipping sauces, and preferred how the feel changed into extra chewy than crispy! Super lovely and chunk-sized, too.

Organic Zen Noodles – Simple but packs lots of delicious taste! I became impressed in the beginning bite, due to the fact that in any other case the elements were noticeably simple.

I love a very good vegan joint, and HanGawi did no longer disappoint! Would endorse to vegans and non-vegans alike – even my very a lot carnivorous boyfriend changed into a fan!

Brought my vegetarian mother and father right here for a completely unique night out and they loved every dish! We had the highly spiced veg dumplings, combination sushi rolls, spicy tofu ginger pot, and kimchi bibimbop.

The unique seating and starting up footwear at the door clearly adds to the environment!

Don’t pass the teas, they’re extraordinarily flavorful and sweet without being overpowering.

Lastly, we had the mochi for dessert. I don’t typically love mochi but the flavors have been ideal.

Formula to convert standard humble korean cooking into pretentious steeply-priced meals to draw hipsters who cognizance on posting instagram photographs:

1: Turn vegan

2. Reduce the portion by way of 50-75%

three.  Remove the rich multi banchan side dishes that is characteristic of most korean eating places.

four.. Inflate the rate for the equal dishes observed in almost each korean restaurant by using 50%-70%.

5.  Replace protein with most inexpensive normal grocery produce.

By adopting the time period “Vegan”, Hangawi efficaciously turned normal ajumma/halmoni (auntie/grandma) home cooking into pompous dishes missing substance,  creativity and humility.

While I admire vegan/vegetarian eating places, i did no longer revel in the reasonably-priced ingredients hangawi chooses to remake the run of the mill conventional menu objects.  From pajeon (pancake), ssam bap (lettuce wrap) to dolsot bibimbap, there have been no creativity apart from changing meat and seafood and with supermarket button mushrooms, all of the at the same time as reducing the portion via half of.  

1. Mix pancake – tiny element aside, the kimchee and leek pancake have been entire indistinguishable from the $5 ones from hmart.  

2. Ssam bap – desirable presentation.  However, in place of pork or pork, it’s served with tiny 2 ounces  of reasonably-priced button mushroom and few strands of dry tofu.  About the most effective aspect in this $20 dish thats worth more than 50 cent is the 6 small slices of clean avocado.

three. house bibimbap – identical as some other dolsot bibimbap except it is $five-$8 more in cost, tiny element, and rather than red meat and egg, you get another time, few tin slices of button mushroom

The simplest saving grace of our dinner was the maitake mushroom in brown sauce which was scrumptious and the pretty delicious house Kimchee.  

The genuine unhappiness of travelling hangawi is that for this charge factor, rather than cheap button mushroom the chef should’ve without difficulty introduce some excellent and varietal mushrooms which korean delicacies is also regarded for, and made this vegan eating revel in memorable. Is

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