’30 Coins’ signs international actor Paul Giamatti for its season 2

30 Coins, created by Álex de la Iglesia and Jorge Guerricaechevarria, was considered one of the best series of 2020. So it is not surprising that HBO Max quickly gave it a season 2 that is currently in full production to arrive. to premiere sometime in 2023.

30 coins Release date November 29, 2020 | 60 minutes Series: 30 coins With Eduard Fernández, Macarena Gómez, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Megan Montaner, Pepón Nieto Users 3.7 See on HBO Max The cast of the Spanish series already had an international actor such as Cosimo Fusco in its first season. But in this new installment, the acclaimed Paul Giamatti, an Emmy-winning actor from Billions for his role in the miniseries John Adams, joins this time.

Giamatti stars as Christian Barbrow, an American business and technology billionaire, science fiction writer, science guru, and leader of a mysterious ‘Brotherhood’ that counts the world’s elite among its members. He is the ultimate disruptor, but no one knows his true intentions.

Paul Giamatti is probably one of the best actors in the American film industry,” explains Álex de la Iglesia in a statement. “HBO gives me the incredible opportunity to work with him. I would also like to thank his team who, fortunately, knew my filmography. Thanks for the confidence to

Manolo Pavón / HBO Paul Giamatti on the shooting set of season 2 of ’30 Coins’

Giamatti joins the already confirmed Najwa Nimri in this new installment headed by Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Eduard Fernández and Megan Montaner; which is shot between Spain, the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom and France.

Season 2 of 30 coins consists of eight new episodes that will resume the story with most of the people of Pedraza crazy and locked up in a mental hospital. Elena (Megan Montaner) is in a coma and Paco (Miguel Ángel Silvestre) tries to take care of her, but is devastated by her remorse.

As terror grows around them, this curious group of heroes must now face a new enemy that even the devil himself fears. But what has happened to Father Vergara (Eduard Fernández)? Is he still alive? We will have to wait until the broadcast of season 2 to find out, although the first preview, which you can see above these lines, reveals that he is still alive in some way…